Backup OnLine para Microsoft Dynamics Nav ( Navision )

The security of your systems and data is key to the survival of your organization

We are all aware that the information about our organization, either the database of our ERP, Product data, customers, etc., It is key to the continuity of our business.
Review your current systems or implement any of the options market
, do not let random security of your company

Backup Solution – Byte pass Online
In all organizations perform backup data from our ERP, usually internal tape devices, not always checked and that before a physical accident in the office will disappear with all your data. To overcome this weakness, our customers Microsoft Dynamics Nav we are implementing the solution “Byte pass Online”, This solution enables us to ensure that our information will be automatically stored in a bunker, outside the organization, encrypted and compressed.

By 174 € a year ensures that any disaster can retrieve and activate your system. The copy is made without human intervention and with alerts and reports daily activity that guarantee the correct execution of copies. Forget to take the tapes home.

Also, if you want you can include in the copy data from any database, management or those files in Excel, Word that in many cases are critical to your organization.

Backup solution in the 'cloud’, ideal for backup and SQL data base, Job positions, portable, remote offices, SMEs and professional groups. With byte pass online will have the safest way to never lose information. The data resides in Spain y no additional hardware is required. So fully automatic, byte pass the online service allows:

  • Backing with the desired frequency
  • always have a updated copy
  • Recover copy on any computer, through unique encryption key

most important features of byte pass online:

  • Service via Internet
  • encryption AES 256
  • Recovery 24 hours a day
  • Shelf version (retention) variable
  • online support
  • AutoAlerts by email
  • Windows support, Linux, NetWare, Mac, Solaris
  • Plugin for copies hot SQL, MySQL, Oracle, Exchange y Lotus

Synchronize sus datos

How many times we needed to have on hand information from our computer, how many times have thought about sharing information with peers, customer or supplier. There are no more excuses not to keep our data synchronized between our computers, at our Tablet or even mobile phone. Technology allows us to easily define and maintain this synchronization without our intervention.

There are even free multiplex platforms that allow it easily, but if you want to ensure that your information is encrypted and travels, It is free from any kind of external action, I distrusted free solutions and seek solutions backed by security companies leading-edge computing, that since 29,95 € per year will give this service, in total Security and confidentiality.

If you want to know what is the best solution for your needs


Threat Report

Any business may be exposed to attacks when its employees open to external threats. Most small businesses do not believe that cybercriminals stepping on their heels. What we do not know is that everyone is a potential target, regardless of business size. Actually, the attackers carefully selected their targets, leaving out large-scale attacks to focus on more specific goals and, somehow, plus “personal”.

Read the safety summary in the second quarter (PDF/ingl.)


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