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The electronic invoice is a system, nowadays, already widespread among most companies. For its implementation must comply with a legal framework, guarantees of readability, integrity and authenticity.

What is it?

It is a document in digital version that replaces the physical paper document, but it retains the same legal validity and transmitted by electronic means.

Legal framework

Electronic invoicing is regulated by Royal Decree 1619/2012 from 30 September by Regulation laying down rules to be met invoices in both paper and electronic format approved.

This regulation establishes inter alia the obligation to issue electronic invoices, issuers, the content, deadlines, conservation and authenticity guarantees, integrity and readability.


Mandatory issuance of electronic invoice affects EIG, joint ventures, limited companies and limited liability and legal persons.

What are its advantages?

This new billing system saves costs of printing and mailing, It facilitates faster access to our store bills, shorten the period of processing and payment by improving their management.

What types exist?

Invoice type depends on the format in which it is generated. And scanned files “pdf” part of format "structured" while formats "Unstructured" They are those using the XML language and are generated and processed by transmitter and receiver respectively through billing systems.

If you want to implement electronic invoicing in your organization, do not hesitate to contact us and we'll show you how we can implement our electronic billing module, that will allow:

-Generate electronic invoice electronically signed XML model.

-Generate your invoice in PDF signed by model.

-Automate sending your efacturas by email.


Benefits of implementing electronic invoicing in your organization:

-Cost reduction in the emission, printing and mailing invoices.

-Adaptation to Administration Regulations

-Give an image of modernity to its customers.

-Reduce collection times.

The implementation of the system is very fast and implementation costs are minimal for the benefits you get.

And if you want we can complement the electronic invoicing solution with our integration process purchase invoices in XML model.

What if your suppliers to send invoices in electronic format XML?
You can automatically integrate them into its management system Microsoft Dynamics NAV?


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