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We have been talking about the paperless office for many years, all cost reduction and productivity increase analysis, include recommendations on automatic document integration, certified digitization, electronic invoice, document management, electronic signature of documents and something very recurrent in the last audits, centralization and search of documentation in electronic mail systems.

Today we have prepared a monograph of these solutions, that we believe that given its low cost and high performance, can help your organization improve its bottom line and competitiveness.

1 – Document digitization and certified digitization
2 – Electronic Invoice
3 – Archiving and centralization of emails

Document digitization and certified digitization

Certified Digitization
Digitaldocu is an on-line software intended for organization, document management and digitization, web based 2.0 and that allows access from any location.

The files that you can easily insert into your Digitaldocu can be of different types, as pdf text documents, word, excel, images, etc… but it also allows the certified digitization of physical documents acquired from any image capture device, like a scanner or camera. All this from the same application and without incompatibility problems, automatically generating a PDF version of your paper document, which you can do without for all intents and purposes, since the application and its processes are approved by the AEAT.

Apart from these special features, the solution integrates the necessary infrastructure for the actual archiving of the files in a practical way, organized by categories, subcategories, customers, date, etc…
Other modules and built-in functions should be highlighted, such as the possibility of applying our digital signature to documents, perform a virtual stapling of them, automatic text recognition in images, the tracking of files and users, or direct integration with third-party applications.

Digitaldocu is a robust tool in its programming and security structure, simple in terms of ease of use, and functional when optimizing time, resources and space.

Integration with Microsoft Dynamics Nav (Navision) Ax (Axapta)
His integration with the solutions of Microsoft Dynamics allow us to manage all administrative documentation, integrate supplier invoices, commercial documents and even automate the archiving of invoices with digital supplier certification and their storage, minimizing the costs and efforts of physical storage.

The solution offers two different versions… “Cloud” is “Hybrid”, and with two forms of licensing, SaaS (pay per use) or acquisition of licenses on premise.

Electronic Invoice

Electronic bill
Adapting to change is a first-order capacity. Billing is changing, Like many processes within the company, and from Alxia we help them quickly adapt yourselves to the new reality of electronic invoicing, That's why we have launched this new service that allows our customers to take full advantage of electronic invoicing, in the form of service, without purchasing additional software or complex infrastructure. Obtaining economic benefits from day one.

Our solution is completely integrated in your solution Microsoft Dynamics Nav, y it is compatible with any other ERP solution on the market and its start-up is reduced to a few hours. Until now, a lot of projects have failed E-bill, the recipient refuses to receive invoices “does not understand” when a file “rare” in XML format. With our solution does not happen, the receiver receives the invoice as always your bill, in pdf format, that if, with all legal specifications (digital signatures as Royal Decree 1496/2003 and Directive 2001/115 / EC, by amending the Directive 77/388 / EEC)
It is also possible to add to your bills automatically both packing slips, requests, parts that triggered the emission of the invoice, all this automatically and without intervention by the administration department.

Advantages? do the math…
Electronic invoicing brings us clear and tangible benefits from the outset, saving time and money, besides contributing to environmental care, reducing paper consumption.
Without even knowing it you may be suffering the consequences of manual processing of invoices, due to delays in billing, payment, etc.
Immediate Benefits
  • Lower costs by invoice (paper, printer, ink, handling, Shipping)
  • Eliminates handling of impression, creased, inserting and franking,
  • Mayor security Electronic sent.
  • Immediate delivery bill, eliminating delays.
  • optimization and Automation overall billing process.
  • Eliminate low value-added tasks.
  • Mayor efficiency management, audit and inspection.
  • Improvement and strengthening of the relationship with customers.
  • immediate reception bill.
  • Optimization treasury.
  • Decreased fraud.
  • Save of space and faster and more effective management.
  • Security total, electronic signature guarantees the impossibility to modify an invoice.
  • Easy utilization, just a digital certificate is required.
  • scanning automatic recognition delivery notes, requests, Work parts…
  • “stapling” automatic documents that make up the invoice, annexing thereto as thumbnails to perform after signing and sending.
  • Generation pdf resulting billing can be a single invoice or batch of invoices.
  • Environmental benefits, reduced paper consumption and energy

Archiving and centralization of emails

Archived email
Digitalmail is the advanced solution for centralization and custody of emails of all your accounts (gmail, hotmail, exchange…), being archived and treated like any commercial document within the Digitaldocu management program.

E-mails and their attachments are stored in databases, which facilitates efficient searches both in the body of the mail and in its files, leading to a better organization, more control and a considerable freeing up of space in your mailboxes.

Now free for all Ditaldocu clients.

Centralized copies from multiple accounts and local emails
Historically we have been concerned with making backup copies of our hard drive and its files, and CD, DVD, etc… which was always pretty easy, but if you have ever tried to safeguard your emails and your local customer data you will know that it is a much more tedious task, just like it can be to get them back later.
Digitalmail automatically transfers the emails from all the accounts that we have specified to a central file, straight from online trays (IMAP, POP3, Exchange, Office 365) and also from PST files generated by local email clients.
This will allow keeping a copy of all emails centrally and organized, and not scattered online in different accounts or different teams of your company, giving you not only security and control, but organization, ease of access and search, even by multiple users at any time.
Searches or more than just searches?
Digitalmail's full-text and parameter search works even with very large amounts of data without any noticeable time lag, but perhaps the most interesting thing is that it is also able to find any type of attachment in the post office, even be located by their content although these were images, text documents, pdf, etc…
Independence, continuity and security
Today the amount of free mail services (gmail, hotmail, etc…) invite its management to be carried out online, which can be very comfortable, but also a bit insecure, as we ultimately depend on third party services, And on the other hand, we do not have a copy of the emails on our own local servers that allow direct organization and control over them., even if some of them had been deleted by mistake, technical problems or intentionally by an employee.
Regardless of what happens online or in your local mail client (Outlook Express, Thunderbird, etc…), on different accounts and teams, everything will have been automatically stored in Digitalmail, so you get a higher level of security, control and capacity.
Email and legality
The communication and relationship mechanisms between companies are based mainly on documents and emails., so that more and more are being accepted as evidence in legal proceedings; even most countries have passed laws or regulations that require, among other things, that companies keep their mail available in cases of litigation or legal controversies.
Having all your emails and movements in a central and safe place from which to easily retrieve them will allow you to respond quickly and reliably to these cases.
Cloud and Hybrid versions

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