Tarifa Plana Microsoft Dynamics Nav – Navision

Tarifa Plana Microsoft Dynamics Nav – Navision

Trust services updating and maintaining our ERP consulting team

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In Alxia we are aware of the difficulties that companies have to adjust our investments and how difficult it is to fit into our investment income accounts and the peaks of expenses generated by the evolutionary maintenance of our management systems.

Therefore we design our services with a vocation pay per use and monthly fee, which allows our customers clearly budgeted monthly cost of service and investment avoiding unforeseen surprises, besides adapting at all times to the reality of your business both users and service need.

In this line you already know our payment services using Microsoft Dynamics, CRM, Email, SharePoint, Security systems, remote backup, project management,….. Now we want to go a step further and that is why we have designed a new service called "FLAT RATE NAV" , with which we convert the evolutionary maintenance and implementing new features en Microsoft Dynamics Nav, or because the version change it takes a long time planning, a monthly flat fee and.

As we designed the service:

  1. Together with our client we define the estimation of hours of development or service that estimates will need throughout the year.
  2. With this information we define your monthly fee.
  3. Define the developments you need or define its development plan, and run it when you need it, month cost will reverberate throughout the year.

For example if we estimate that we will need 100 development hours per year, for reports, adaptations or functional expansions define a monthly fee 450 €, which will give us the right to execute these times when we deem necessary, complemented with basic services maintenance installation of Navision, no additional cost, as they are:

  • High and low users
  • System monitoring.
  • Consulting and license optimization
  • Simulation restore backup
  • Advice on functionality and new developments
  • Technical support resolution on technological questions
  • Preferential access to developed modules for Alxia

And the most important, costless surprise. A monthly fee y develop their projects when needed y pay them throughout the year.

If you want to define your service fee or you want more detail of our service, Do not doubt call.

Receives a warm greeting.

Damian Lopez Rodriguez

Email.: dlrodriguez@alxia.es
Skype: dlrdamian
Movil: +34 693 859 608

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