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ERP Microsoft Dynamics Nav 2013

Nueva plataforma Microsoft Dynamics Nav

Microsoft has already released the new version of the ERP Microsoft Dynamics,  NAV 2013, the latest and most important version of this management software, offering numerous enhancements and new features to help companies gain more control over their business, a significant improvement in its margins and a strong boost in its growth. Capable of combining the characteristics of an ERP, with a simple and intuitive user experience, this solution is complemented by including Business Intelligence capabilities and reporting tools, as well as full compatibility with other Microsoft products.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 opens a new world of possibilities not only for them to face these difficult times, but to increase their profits. Among these advantages, it is worth highlighting these three:

• Improved visibility and greater control over what is happening in the business, since it helps in making intelligent and timely decisions.

• Ability to anticipate changing industry conditions and stay ahead, optimizing your business processes. This is an important help when it comes to controlling expenses and achieving a constant line of growth..
• Optimization of IT investments, thanks to its flexibility, ease of use and the ability to work with Microsoft Office or SharePoint, as well as with other software applications that a company may use.
A first step towards the Cloud
Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 introduces an important novelty with respect to the previous version and that is that it will be available both in an on-premise model and in the cloud through partners that offer hosting services. In addition, it will also support Windows Azure and will be available for implementation on this cloud platform in the coming months.

Nuevo Cliente Web Microsoft Dynamics Nav
Microsoft considers that this road to the Cloud represents an opportunity for its partners and customers since it opens up the ability to choose before them, since the functionalities are the same both in the classic model and in the one hosted in the cloud –or in a hybrid-, as well as access to local and industry-specific solutions.

Improvements at all levels
The launch of Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 brings with it new functionalities for business management. The most important are the following:
• Cost accounting. Companies gain greater visibility into how their business is performing by controlling budgets and operating expenses, departments, products and projects. For it, Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 synchronize cost information with accounting and detect budget variances, which makes it possible to take the appropriate measures.
• Cash flow forecast. It is possible to analyze the cash flow and act quickly on it. Thus, companies can understand their current cash position, short-term forecasts and monitor receipts and payments.
• Management gathered. Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 helps optimize stock levels in order to offer better customer service. To achieve this, it integrates with the supply chain, including sales, supply planning, storage, inventory management and item tracking.
• Improvements in reporting thanks to tight integration with Microsoft Excel and other Microsoft technologies.
• New capabilities for visualizing business data, including the timeline that allows you to view and analyze the availability of each item. This provides an immediate graphical view of the stock.
• Improvements in supply planning. This functionality helps control suggestion planning and optimize supply based on inventory and order cost..
• Optimization of warehouse operations. Companies achieve greater integration between manufacturing and warehouse and service management, thus improving stock control.
• Management of jobs and services. The company has greater knowledge and control of work-in-progress processes.
• Integration with Microsoft OneNote. Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 supports this flexible productivity tool in a way that enables role-based task implementation.

Main novelties Nav 2013

Integración MIcrosoft Dynamics Nav 2013 con Share Point

Among the novelties that this new version brings us, we would especially highlight:

General features

• New web client. 
• Integration with SharePoint

• New dynamic graphic queries. 

• Custom hand charts

Finance Module
exploitationprint shop of the data 
• New treasury management

• New capabilities in the allocation of indirect costs for accountinganalytics
New dynamic graph queries. 

• Custom hand charts

Inventory and availability inquiry
• New availability query with more information. 
Inquiryprint shop of stock evolution

• Integration of products in the projects module for the calculation of availability. 

 New Product Management 
• Assembly orders

• Locationphysical of stock at manufacturing routing points
• Dedicated locations

• Greater integration with the rest ofáreas. 
 Custom definition of work in progress
• More information on the progress of projects. 

Resource management
 Definition of work parts 
• Approval system for work reports

• Integration of the work report with the rest ofareas


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