Digital Signature and Dynamics Na / Ax / CRM

Digital signature

Streamline procedures
reduce management costs


All reports and analyzes on international markets, indicate that the implementation of digital signature in companies, It allowsimprovement effective inmanagement procedures the organization, significantly reducing theprocessing time, the best ofinternal communication, improvements in

securityand identification document changes and improvement in the perception of the company as toenvironmental responsibility.  Without neglecting thecost reduction that occurs in the organization and which is readily identifiable and all integrated into their current management systemsMicrosoft Dynamics NAV, AX, or any ERP market.

There are many business processes where the implementation of electronic signatures, You can help your organization:

–          electronic signature bill
–          Digital signature of internal documents;
                  or Meeting Minutes
                  or internal Announcements

                  Circuits or investment approval
                  or purchase approval Circuits
                  or expenses Sheets.
                  or Working Parties
                  or Quality certifications.
                  O ….
–          Signing business documents
–          Storing documents with certified digitization.

To find out if digital signatures are a viable option for your organization, You need to calculate the return on investment (KING) What to expect. If you want to perform this analysis ask us and we will send you the documentation we have prepared so you can easily do it.

Although if you want you can go to work with the following ideas:

• Mean paper prints generating signature processes, it is from 5, that should add to printing costs, paper, scanning, filed, storage and document search.

• The time They used for signing by their partners multiplexes documents flowing through the organization, They are reduced with digital signature procedures in more than one 70%.

• Thecommunication between departments or between customers and suppliers is reduced to 50% implementing solutions with Digital Signatures.

• If there are delegations or distributed office, expensesMessenger service or internal bag can be considerably reduced.

If you want to analyze how the implementation of digital signature can improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your organization, please call us and our consultants will help you identify areas for improvement.

It is possible to sign documents pdf,
including electronic signature and signature graphic.
Ask for a demonstration.

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