Online Banking

Automate your Bank Statements

Online Banking

Is acloud solutionyou can receive with complete security and confidentiality extracts standardized financial institutions, national and international.
How long does it take to get off the account information?

How many users have their e-banking data ?

Sage Online Banking is a cloud solution you can receive with complete security and confidentiality extracts standardized financial institutions, both national and international.

Our main Benefit. “The solution automatically downloads without connecting to the websites of their banks and manually extract all extracts”.


1.    Receiving individualized extracts and Storage booked client cloud repository.

·       Rule 43, AFB 120 (Portugal and France), MT940 (global)*.

2.    The client collects extracts.

Client connection service to use extracts that has collected the settlement of various financial institutions may be FTPs and HTTPs, Here we describe the main features:
·       FTPs: With any FTP software choice.
·       HTTPs: Through the web: The customer can download all the files and edit them, in aonly Connection.

3.    Standard files can be integrated into any ERP customer or the program cash

Advantage of a Cloud solution

The cloud service provides differential advantages over the solution have own servers.

  • The client You do not have to install anything on their computers, It has only requires an internet connection.
  • Received files are pre-checked by internal processes consistency check and balance control to ensure the integrity and no misinformation.
  • information of all entities focuses on a single server, therefore in the client firewall it is only necessary to configure a rule.
  • automatic and proactive alerts: Having controlled all client connections you will be automatically informed of possible incidents that have had the bank send the bank statement.
  • Agility and management support high connections with the entities and bank accounts, we provide a form letter to the bank to connect to the service, The team of help support and protection During all the process.

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How We Can Help
If you need any questions, We are at your  +34 918 779 357 and if you wish to contact our support department email us


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